About ChangeMaker

ChangeMaker is devoted to setting up a framework to encourage a pattern-setting system to strengthen and engage the poor in the mainstream social and economic development. ChangeMaker believes in integrated and innovative way to address the urgent and critical issues of the community enabling their participation and ownership. Since its interception ChangeMaker has key focus on market and enterprise development i.e. private sector approaches which can serve as a vehicle for effective economic development for a wider cross-section of the community – man-women, privileged and marginalized. Thereafter, it attributed appropriate technology, social responsibility, tourism, energy, water, environment, information and communication technology, knowledge networking, agriculture development, and governance for expanded and integrated approaches. Through incorporation of the innovative approaches to increasing engagement, understanding and commitment from a wide variety of sectors of society, ChangeMaker hopes to help the social change efforts adopt new strategies to survive and thrive, thereby increasing their prospects of being broad-based and durable enough to affect significant and lasting social, economic, and business improvements.


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