October 14, 2010

Peace, Security and Livelihood

ChangeMaker, a Bangladeshi NGO is actively working on security policies that focus on the protection and security requirement of the individual and society through promoting both freedom from fear and freedom from want. ChangeMaker is one of the pioneering organizations in Bangladesh in this regard and has developed a National Forum to Work on Peace and Security issues in Bangladesh. ChangeMaker is playing a critical catalytic role by bringing attention of key development actors – Government, Civil Society Organization and even Private Sector Enterprises to this new and emerging issue. By applying a human security and safety perspective to national, regional and international problems, ChangeMaker aims to energize political processes aimed at preventing and solving armed conflicts and promoting peace and development.

ChangeMaker’s current efforts to achieve greater human security and safety issues such as the control of small arms and light weapons, armed violence, protection of children and women in armed conflict, human development and human safety and security, human rights education, promotion of culture of peace and tolerance, addressing implementation gaps of humanitarian and human rights law, and conflict prevention.

ChangeMaker believes that commitment to human rights and humanitarian law is the foundation for building human security and safety. Human security is advanced in various countries by protecting and promoting human rights, the rule of law, democratic governance and democratic structures, a culture of peace and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

ChangeMaker works with different international organizations and particularly the United Nations to build a just and peaceful world order and to maintain international peace and security as stated in the UN Charter to serve the safety and security needs of people.

ChangeMaker promotes sustainable human development, through the alleviation of absolute poverty, providing basic social services for all, and pursuing the goals of people-centered development to ensure human security. International partnership is essential to address the sources of insecurity, remedy the symptoms and prevent the recurrence of threats which affect the daily lives of millions of people, ChangeMaker therefore appeals to the world community join hands in the pursuit of a world free from conflict, violence and insecurity.

June 11, 2010

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